Rawa Helmets
Our History

    Everything began with an attempt of doing a helmet for personal use, the friends Radir and Waldemar began to think and to project an only and practical helmet. Plastering the head one of the other, they made the most exclusive helmets of the world then. It was rare who was not admired with the design and the form. With the people's increase that they liked the model, they began to do for friends, until that they had the idea of standardizing and they drew a helmet light, practical, cheap and of excellent quality, it appeared with that first Rawa Image and with him they began the projects for the Box for Camcorder, a revolution in terms of safety and practicity created by Rawa and copied by other brands around the world. After some time, Waldemar stood back, and the administration was with Radir and the Déborah, but the name continued the same (RAdir + WAldemar = RaWa). After several years working in the development of a helmet that went really safe, comfortable, versatile and beautiful, Rawa launch it's product destined to the apprentices and professionals of the freefly that don't need the use of cameras, Rawa Style. Drawn to fit perfectly in the head, Rawa Vision is the most complete helmet that the freeflyer can find around of the world. With design clean, robust and beautiful, it provides great safety during the flight and openings, reducing to the maximum the possibility to coil in a line or drawing of it's equipment. The fixation is total, same when it is used photographic and video camera coupled, providing comfort, safety and perfect images, without distortions caused by the vibration. Pocket for use of two resonant altimeters internally, guaranteeing like this safety to his/her equipment against losses and the certainty that will be heard. Exclusive Chin cup Rawa was drawn for perfect fitting, allowing larger comfort, safety and fixation. Rawa Image and Rawa Vision possess option for use of photographic so much in the vertical with the base as in the horizontal. With perfect and very practical fitting, they request not the use of tools. Excellent for the professionals in that the time between a jump and another should be optimized to the maximum. Marry for digital cameras Sony, drawn for perfect fitting in the lateral of Rawa Imagem and Rawa Vision. The Box for Camcorder Rawa is the more it holds, beautiful and it completes existent all over the world. His/her exclusive design offers to the camera-man a lot of praticidade and safety for it's equipment. Totally closed, the Box for Camcorder Rawa was projected to involve his/her camera completely, besides with the big-angular lenses, protecting her totally of eventual shocks with other objects, drawing of his/her equipment and humidity, because the exhibition to the interpéres of the time is minimum. The Double Box Rawa is the last word in accessories for cameraman. With her you can make their images so much with the camcorder in Head Up as in Head Down, accomplishing this change in seconds.